First blog post

I wrote so much about diabetes on my other blog I thought I ought to have a blog that is only about being a Type 1 diabetic. There is so much to say about it and so many trial and errors.  From being low carb high fat to paleo to finally giving in to just trying to stay low carb. There are frustrations and emotions that go with my journey that I want to share with other non-diabetics as well as those diagnosed. Hopefully you will learn a thing or two and understand what being type 1 is like.

Why name my blog after a song? It was the anthem for someone I love that went through chemo. Like me, the diagnosis will never fully go away for them. There is a lot of anger with being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. We didn’t ask for this! Yet, like in this song, we find peace knowing it’s part of God’s plan.  I even have my blog title tattooed on me as a reminder to not be mad at God.

So, come on this journey with me through it’s ups and downs. Like I’ve said before- it’s a special kind of hell but it’s part of God’s plan for me.






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