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Are diabeetus memes funny to diabetics?

Are the diabeetus memes funny to diabetics? Heck, is any joke about diabetes funny?


YES. I often find them hilarious if the person using or posting them knows the information isn’t true and they aren’t serious. When the person really thinks a big piece of cake causes diabetes it’s no longer funny and just makes the person look really ignorant. These jokes get diabetes attention and gets the conversation going. What if the person thinks the meme is serious? Well, I get to confront them and explain the truth about the disease. I see this as a win.

So many people get butthurt these days about everything. Everything is so offensive. I really enjoy laughing and I think laughing is great medicine apart from my insulin. I say go ahead and poke fun at diabetes.





2 thoughts on “Are diabeetus memes funny to diabetics?”

  1. That’s good to know. My grandpa had diabetes, and I saw all the things that can grow wrong (not everything, but certainly was well aware and close to it). I still get a good chuckle out of them. It was a hard thing to live with, even if it wasn’t my personal affliction, and it’s a sore spot in me emotionally, so it’s kind of nice to sometimes let loose and get some laughter out of a rather gloomy area.


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