Waiting Waiting Waiting

My rheumatologist appointment is not until August. I will be going on vacation, then coming back to a sh*t storm of medical appointments and tests. I feel rather excited about finding out what in the world is going on. I’m trying to not be afraid anymore.

I got this questionaire in the mail that I had to fill out for this appointment. It took 1.5 hours to complete. It asked me everything you could imagine and then about my family too. History, current symptoms, pain, other illnesses I’ve been diagnosed with. . . . .

I feel as though the ways I feel better right now are if I sleep a lot, get massages and eat comfort food. I feel fatigued all the time, but not tired. I can fall asleep anytime for hours. Coffee does absolutely nothing for me but make me shake. My blood sugar numbers continue to suck despite everything I do.  It’s really strange. Everyone says it’s diabetes but I am not convinced of that.


Some testing that has been done already proves that my instincts for years saying something was wrong has proven to be true. I’m not a hypochondriac after all.



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