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How to Cook Italian while Diabetic

My first big issue when I became diabetic was trying to cook foods that I could eat. I sadly thought I would have to miss out on my favorite Italian dishes full of pasta and bread. No more eating at my family’s houses with big dinners. Well, that is simply not true at all.

Oh yeah, I’m serious.


  • Tradition- Tradition is a huge part to Italian food. Sauce is prepared a certain way, so is meatballs…. Now that you’re diabetic consider breaking some traditions while keeping the heart of the dish in mind. Examples are zucchini noodles or cauliflower crust pizza. e5e8c9ce4fdb5a75_cauliflower-crust
  • Experimentation- In my family, we experiment with food and end up making it Italian somehow. Doing this takes practice. Use the typical garlic, basil, oregano, salt and Italian parsley to season your food. It just might turn Italian. Examples of this are seasoning chicken or even your eggs! 7634_1441224061_0
  • Portions- Remember to eat correct portion sizes. This means a bowl of just pasta simply won’t do. You need meat and veggies too. This is not hard to do. Throw in some sausage with your pasta or chicken! Make a salad with Italian dressing. Voila! createyourplate
  • Family: Family is a big part of Italian food. Eat with your family at the table! Make all your food with love and share! We have soooooooo many family members everywhere it’s hard to get together but when we do WE SHARE FOOD. 1575021197-o-1950s-family-around-dinner-table-570

25 Question Food Tag

1. What’s your favorite breakfast?
Soft egg, wheat buttered toast and hash

2. How do you drink your coffee?
1/2 Coffee and 1/2 milk with a chocolate creamer. I prefer super creamy coffee.

3. What’s on your favorite sandwich?
Roasted turkey or chicken pulled from the bone, mayo and wheat bread OR grilled cheese with American cheese.

4. Soup or Salad?

Soup always! I am a huge soup person. I eat soup nearly everyday.

5. What’s your favorite cookbook?
I don’t use many cookbooks. I use the internet and my parents’ recipes.

6. No more sweets or no more fatty foods?
No more sweets is the obvious answer here. I can do fatty. 😛

7. What’s your favorite Cuisine (country)? 
Italian! YUM!

8. What’s your favorite food movie?
huh. Love Paleo probably.

9. What’s your most guilty pleasure?
Having a cold Coke , McDonald’s french fries or Skittles.

10. What’s your greatest inspiration source?
My family and people I follow on instagram.

11. Cooking at home or going out for dinner?
I like cooking at home and having a home cooked meal. Going out is special.

12. High end or low profile?
A little of both

13. What’s your favorite restaurant?
Oh my. It depends on what I have a taste for. I really don’t have a favorite.

14. I do my grocery shopping at:
Woodman’s, Jewel Osco, Mejier, Aldi

15. The tastiest food I’ve ever eaten was:
My grandparents on my father’s side

16. What’s your favorite cocktail?
Strawberry Daiquiri

17. Coffee with George Clooney or Heston Blumenthal?
George Clooney

18. What should not be missing in your kitchen?
Eggs. My husband would slowly die.

19. What’s your favorite snack?

20. What’s on your pizza?
Mozzarella cheese, tomato slices, pizza sauce and a nice thick crust.


21. What food do you really dislike?

22. What’s your favorite foodblog?

23. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
Nacho cheese, jello and pizza. Disgusting. . . .I was a kid.

24. What’s on your food bucket list?
Paella from Spain

25. I couldn’t live without: